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Part #Part NumberMade ByCapacitySpeedForm FactorPrice
M386A4G40DM1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2400LRDIMM$ 359.00Buy Now
M393A4K40BB2‐CTD SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2666RDIMM$ 324.00Buy Now
M393A2G40EB2‐CTD SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2666RDIMM$ 179.00Buy Now
M393A2K40BB2‐CTD SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2666RDIMM$ 179.00Buy Now
M393A1G40EB2‐CTD SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2666RDIMMRequest For Quote
M386A8K40BM2‐CTD SAMSUNG1x 64GBDDR4-2666LRDIMM$ 699.00Buy Now
M393A4K40BB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2400RDIMM$ 309.00Buy Now
M393A4K40CB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2400RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A2G40DB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2400RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A2G40EB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2400RDIMM$ 179.00Buy Now
M393A2K40BB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2400RDIMM$ 179.00Buy Now
M393A2K43BB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2400RDIMM$ 184.00Buy Now
M393A1G40DB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2400RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A1G40EB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2400RDIMM$ 99.00Buy Now
M393A1G43DB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2400RDIMMRequest For Quote
M386A8K40BM1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 64GBDDR4-2400LRDIMM$ 689.00Buy Now
M386A4K40BB0‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2400LRDIMM$ 339.00Buy Now
M391A2K43BB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2400UDIMM$ 199.00Buy Now
M391A1G43EB1‐CRC SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2400UDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A4K40BB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2133RDIMM$ 309.00Buy Now
M392A2G40DM0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2133RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A2G40DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2133RDIMM$ 174.00Buy Now
M393A2G40EB1‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2133RDIMM$ 179.00Buy Now
M393A2K40BB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2133RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393A1G40DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133RDIMM$ 94.00Buy Now
M393A1G43DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133RDIMM$ 84.00Buy Now
M386A8K40BM1‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 64GBDDR4-2133LRDIMM$ 699.00Buy Now
M386A4G40DM0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR4-2133LRDIMM$ 314.00Buy Now
M391A2K43BB1‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR4-2133UDIMM$ 209.00Buy Now
M378A1G43DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133UDIMMRequest For Quote
M391A1G43DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133UDIMM$ 99.00Buy Now
M391A1G43EB1‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133UDIMM$ 99.99Buy Now
M378A5143DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR4-2133UDIMMRequest For Quote
M471A1G43DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR4-2133SODIMMRequest For Quote
M471A5143DB0‐CPB SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR4-2133SODIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70BH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70CB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70DB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1866RDIMM$ 94.00Buy Now
M393B2G70EB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1866RDIMM$ 94.00Buy Now
M393B2G70QH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1866RDIMM$ 94.00Buy Now
M393B1G70BH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70EB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70QH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMM$ 56.00Buy Now
M393B1G73BH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G73EB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G73QH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70DH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70EB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70QB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866RDIMM$ 49.00Buy Now
M393B5173QH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5270DH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5273DH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5273EB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5273QB0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866RDIMMRequest For Quote
M386B4G70BM0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR3-1866LRDIMMRequest For Quote
M386B4G70DM0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR3-1866LRDIMM$ 339.00Buy Now
M386B4G70DM0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 32GBDDR3-1866LRDIMM$ 339.00Buy Now
M391B1G73BH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866UDIMMRequest For Quote
M391B1G73QH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1866UDIMM$ 99.00Buy Now
M391B5273DH0‐CMA SAMSUNG1x 4GBDDR3-1866UDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5773CH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 2GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B5773DH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 2GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B2G70BM0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B2G70DM0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B2G70DM0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 144.00Buy Now
M393B2G70BH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 74.00Buy Now
M393B2G70BH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 74.00Buy Now
M393B2G70CB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70CB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70DB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70DB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 74.00Buy Now
M393B2G70EB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70EB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70QH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B2G70QH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 16GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G70BH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G70BH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G73BH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G73BH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G73DB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1G73DB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1K70CM0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M392B1K70CM0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70BH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70BH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 39.00Buy Now
M393B1G70EB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70EB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70QH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G70QH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 44.00Buy Now
M393B1G73BH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G73BH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G73EB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1G73QH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 79.00Buy Now
M393B1K70CH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70CH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70DH0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 39.00Buy Now
M393B1K70DH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 39.00Buy Now
M393B1K70EB0‐CK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote
M393B1K70EB0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMM$ 39.00Buy Now
M393B1K70PH0‐YK0 SAMSUNG1x 8GBDDR3-1600RDIMMRequest For Quote


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